Multi Barrel Rifle Set FAQ

What is a Multi Caliber Rifle set and how is it possible?

Our Multi Caliber rifle sets are based on a variation of the easily exchangeable barrel system pioneered by Savage Arms. In its simplest form, it allows for a variety of cartridges with a common base diameter and length parameters (short or long action) to be used with the same base rifle platform. As an example, using a .308 bolt face action, barrels chambered in 22-250 Remington, 243 Winchester, 257 Roberts, 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 Winchester can all be attached and used.

The base rifle may be constructed using one of our custom wood stocks or in a chassis system and by having one base platform, the customer can tailor it to his/her individual size and weight specifications. Add in a precision trigger and a top quality scope and you have a highly accurate and versatile system for your every need.

To broaden the concept, we now offer a precision action system with an exchangeable bolt head. .223, 308 and Magnum bolt faces can now be used in the same action/base rifle expanding an already versatile system even more.

How many different calibers/barrels can I have?

With our precision action, the only general restriction is in cartridge length, short action cartridges vs. long action and Magnum cartridges. At this time we do not support extra-large diameter cartridges like the .338 Lapua or the short action magnums. A customer may begin with a single cartridge/barrel rifle and add a second, third or more as needs arise. The only limit is your imagination. Barrels from many of the best makers are available in just about any caliber, twist rate, length and contour. Fitting services for customer supplied barrels are also available.

What is involved in changing barrels?

The barrels come threaded, chambered and with a set of cartridge ‘GO / NO-GO’ gauges and barrel nut. We recommend having an experienced gunsmith or armorer set the headspace. Simply unscrew the barrel nut using the supplied wrench, and unscrew the attached barrel. Then screw in the new barrel. Set the headspace using the supplied gauges and re-torque the barrel nut to specifications.

What are the Stock options?

We offer three standard stock configurations. Classic, Monte Carlo and a Dual Position Thumbhole. Any of these may be supplied in a wood laminate in a range of colors, or in a variety of hardwoods in ‘Select’, ‘AA Fancy’ or ‘Exhibition’ grade.

Each stock is made to order with options that include Length of Pull, Recoil Pad size and type, fore stock width, tip & cap material and a host of other options.

We also offer a couple of chassis options for the tactical or long range oriented shooter.

What about Triggers?

A good quality trigger can make or break an otherwise quality build. We offer triggers from Jewell, Timney, Jard and Shilen that range from 2 oz. to 4 lbs. pull weight. We will also install a customer supplied trigger of their choice.

How long does it take?

Since all sets are custom ‘made to order’, fabrication time will depend on the individual build. Typical turnaround times are 3-4 months from receipt of order and deposit.

How is it done?

We meet with the customer, in person or over the phone, and decide on the options for the build. Once all the parameters are decided upon, and a deposit is paid, construction begins. The stock is fitted to the customer and the action. The action is mated to the barrel and trigger assembly. Then there is a trial fit to the customer if needed. Finally the rifle stock and metal are finished per the customer and test fired. It is then fit into our custom hard case and shipped.

What sets do you offer?

The customer can mix and match any combination he or she wishes however we do offer a ‘Varmint Package ‘ (204 Ruger,22-250 Remington and 6mm Creedmoore) and a ‘Game Package’ (257 Roberts, 6.5 Creedmoore and 308 Winchester) for the short action and the ‘Big Game Package’ (270 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield and 300 Winchester Magnum) in the long action.

What does it cost?

All Multi Caliber sets are made to the individual specifications of the customer. As such, there is a wide range in pricing. A wood stocked, two barrel set using a production action starts around $2500.00. The two barrel Precision action sets start at about $3500. Additional Barrel sets are about $550.00 Please contact us to discuss options and for a formal price quote.